Our Values

Kayleigh May L.L.C. has adopted the same values as the product designer Kayleigh-May herself. 

Kayleigh-May has always been Quality-Conscious and would always rather purchase quality over quantity, as her other values are to remain Sustainable which one can accomplish by investing in items that will last longer, as well as making sure the items are made from quality materials. 

Kayleigh-May believes that businesses should be Transparent, and be open about their business practises and manufacturing. While currently every scrunchie is hand crafted by Kayleigh-May, the company vows that even as it grows it will remain transparent about the manufacturing of products, and keep Ethical business practises  

If you have ever had a chance to meet Kayleigh-May you would know that she values kindness and Generosity, more than anything else. She tries to give back in every path of life that she walks. Kayleigh May L.L.C. currently gives back to Healthcare workers by donating $1.00 from every Scrunchie sold, and has plans to give back in other ways as well. 

Lastly, but definitely not least, Kayleigh-May believes in Inclusivity! Regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or the way you like to express yourself, our products are for you! You should always be celebrated for being you!