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Why Mulberry Silk?

When we looked into what fabric was best for our hair, we stumbled across Mulberry Silk, and it’s incredible benefits.  While Mulberry silk is one of the most expensive fabrics available, its unique qualities make it worth it. We wanted to design a scrunchie that will give you the luxury you deserve. 

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    Kayleigh May's scrunchies are the ONLY scrunchie I will let touch my hair. I started with one, and I still use that one the most (they get softer every time!), although I own multiple now. You can dress them up or wear them to bed to protect your hair. Every time I wear one, I get new compliments. They also make the best gifts -- all the recipients say they are their new favorite too. If you haven't yet, treat yourself! The most beautiful part is that they are all handmade with love, and you can feel it.

    Alicia McPhearson