About The Designer


Kayleigh-May, the designer and founder of Kayleigh May L.L.C. always dreamed of mermaid-length hair. However, for years she struggled with constant breakage and brittle hair due to damaging elastics and harsh chemical products. Determined to finally grow her mermaid locks, Kayleigh-May sought out a better way to take care of her hair.

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, she began sewing scrunchies and experimenting with different fabrics. That’s when she came across Mulberry Silk. Not only did the scrunchie style allow for less “tug” on her hair, the benefits of Mulberry Silk allowed her to grow her hair with ease! The Mulberry silk provided a smooth finish to her scrunchies that allowed for natural hair movement which resulted in less breakage, less natural healthy oils removed from her locks, and locked in hydration!

With her hair now long and thriving, Kayleigh-May wants to help other women and men achieve their hair goals while still looking super fashionable.

“I sincerely hope that you enjoy your scrunchie and that they bring a hint of joy and fashion into your haircare routine!”

 – xoxo 💋 Kayleigh-May