The Inspiring Story of Kayleigh May, Founder of Kayleigh May LLC 🌟🧵👩‍🦱

The Inspiring Story of Kayleigh May, Founder of Kayleigh May LLC 🌟🧵👩‍🦱

Hey, lovely readers! Today we want to re-introduce you to the inspiring and creative mind behind Kayleigh May LLC - Kayleigh May herself! 🤩

Born in South Africa to teenage parents aged 18 and 19, Kayleigh May and her family were lucky to have a hardworking father who was able to bring them to Canada in hopes of a safer and more fulfilling life. 💪 After several moves across Canada, Kayleigh May settled in Sudbury, Ontario when she was 17 years old. It was there where she met her now husband, Matthew, and had two amazing boys, Hayden (14) and Connor (12). 👩‍👦‍👦

Apart from sewing by hand all the scrunchies that her company produces, Kayleigh May is passionate about animals - she seriously loves them! 🐎🐕🐓🐈‍⬛🐄 If there's an animal nearby, you can bet Kayleigh May will be offering it love and attention. Her love of animals is just one of the things that makes her an amazing person! 💖

Kayleigh May's husband, Matthew, also works in the mining industry, which has led to them moving around a lot. From Sudbury, she has also lived in Alaska for a short stint, on Vancouver Island, and in Washington state. 🚚

In her spare time, Kayleigh May loves to relax in a bathtub and let her creativity flow. It's there where she does most of her product thinking and innovating - a true creative at heart! 💭

Kayleigh May is 5 courses away from getting her communications degree and is set to graduate with honors. She is not only the product designer but also the founder and CEO of Kayleigh May LLC. 🧵 Her company is committed to making high-quality and luxurious hair accessories that make people feel beautiful and confident.

Although life hasn't been without its challenges, Kayleigh May certainly enjoys life to the fullest and finds challenges and adventures around every corner. 💫 Her story is truly inspiring and shows that with passion and dedication, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

So the next time you wear a Kayleigh May silk scrunchie, remember that it was hand-made with love and care by an amazing woman who embodies creativity and perseverance. 🥰

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