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Uncovering Your Hair's True Identity: A Guide to Understanding Hair Density, Thickness, Porosity, and Curl Type

🔊 Let’s talk hair!
One of the best ways to learn to take care of your hair is to know what kind of hair you have!

Today I’m going to throw a few terms at you. What kind of hair do you have?

1️⃣ Hair Density

✨ High density hair or Thick hair - lots of hair. You can have fine hair strands and still have thick hair.

🎀 Low density hair- Thin hair - fewer strands of hair, (you can have course hair and still have thin hair)

✅ To test what kind of hair you have do the pony tail test.
Under two inches in circumference is Low density
Over two inches and under three is medium density
Over 3 inches is high density.

2️⃣ Hair Thickness
the diameter of the individual strands of hair. Can be anywhere from 0.04 mm to 0.1mm strands within your hair can vary.

✨ Coarse hair. - Coarse hair is on the thicker side, often Asian or African hair. Asian hair is typically the thickest follicles tend to be rounder in shape and the hair strands more elastic.

🎀 Fine hair - Thin hair strands. Often belonging to the European descendant group. More elliptical in shape.

✅ To test what your strand thickness is, pluck hairs from varying sections of your head (only 3-4, and also save these for the next test) and compare them to sewing thread. If it is thinner than sewing thread your hair is fine; vice versa your hair is thick. 

3️⃣ Hair Porosity - hair porosity is typically determained by genetics, however you can alter your hairs porosity by using treatments or styling. Damage with heat tools can open the cuticle, while specific treatments can help close the cuticle

✨ High Porosity - means the cuticle is more open allowing the strand to absorb a lot of moisture and product! (Frizzes up easily with weather) gets wet easy, dries fast.

🎀 Low Porosity - tightly bound cuticle, meaning the strand is moisture resistant, takes a while to get wet, and a long time to dry. (Low frizz however product build up becomes an issue)

✅ 💧 Have you heard of the bowl test? Using the strands earlier take a clear bowl with Luke warm water and drop them in, (not touching) if they sink to the bottom your hair is high porosity. If they float, you have low porosity hair. If they sit somewhere in the middle you have medium porosity hair.

4️⃣ Curl Type - curl types have been around for hair dressers to use for a while. 

❤️ 1. Straight hair no wave.
🧡 2. A-C wavy hair
💛 3. A-C Curly hair
💚 4. A-C Coily hair.
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