Are Silk Scrunchies Worth It?

It’s no secret that silk scrunchies can be quite an investment. According to GoodHouskeeping, their product experts from the textile lab swear by silk scrunchies. Because silk scrunchies ease friction and protect the hair's cuticle, helps retain the natural moisture and oils within the hair, and they prevent breakage; which in the long run helps your hair grow healthy with fewer split ends and less frizz. As a bonus, Silk scrunchies do not leave kinks and creases in your hair and always look stylish!

What is Mulberry Silk, and how is it made?: Mulberry Silk is a natural fibre produced by the bombyx more silkworm, whose diet consists of leaves from the mulberry tree. Silk is a natural fibre mainly composed of a protein called sericin. This protein repels many common allergens, as it is resistant to mold, mildew, and fungi. 

What is the Environmental Impact Of Mulberry Silk?  Silk will eventually biodegrade, leaving less impact on our planet than synthetic alternatives. Mulberry trees that sustain the most silkworms also need few pesticides or fertilizers and can be grown organically. Mulberry trees also require much less water than cotton. 

What are the Best Silk Scrunchies? We are slightly biased, but we believe we have the best silk scrunchies! Our scrunchies not only help your hair but $1.00 from the purchase of each scrunchie is donated to stress relief of healthcare workers, a cause we are incredibly proud to support. We have 4 various sizes of scrunchies online, ensuring every hair length can enjoy the benefits of silk. Each scrunchie is handmade by Kayleigh-May and thoroughly inspected to ensure quality. 

Are Silk Scrunchies Worth It? 

We think so! But we would love to hear your opinion; e-mail us your review at ceo@kayleighmay.com